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Hi my names Alex Kuhle and I’d like to share an easy 12 steps to follow, which I used to create, launch and market my fitness services and products (Personal Training, Online Coaching, Clothing, Etc).

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So moving on, I’ve used multiple methods of marketing including social media, lead pages, google ads and so on. After 3 years of going through trial and error using multiple different systems/programs/software I found an easy to follow 12 steps.

Here are the 12 steps:

  1. A brain and common sense
  2. Create a decent product or service
  3. Laptop and other tools needed
  4. Brand and Logo Creation
  5. Create and Market an Instagram and FB Page
  6. Have a Website
  7. Email software
  8. OSP System
  9. Click Funnels
  10. Optional- A freebie or a sample (Ebook)
  11. Optional- Drop Shipping
  12. Online Payments

So let me explain the steps-

Step 1- Have a brain! This seems easy but a lot of people will lose focus or project energy into the wrong aspects of a business. I personally to stay focused with the use Nootropics such as Noopept/Choline click here or The Strongest Nootropic “Adrafinil” click here .


Step 2 – Create a decent product or service that you want to sell. This should be a proven product/service within your niche that converts well and brings awesome results to the customer. I believe in the law of attraction=

GIVE value = RECEIVE value.

A good value product or service can include:

  1. Quality Meal & Training Programs
  2. Training Webinars/Videos
  3. Personal Training or Bootcamps Services
  4. Ebooks or Membership sites
  5. Supplements, Clothing or Accessories

Physical Goods


For easy product creation, such as apparel, headphones, phone cases- I recommend you can use already established websites such as:

  1. Alibaba click here
  2. Zazzle click here

Workout or Educational Videos


I would use a website- Udemy which is similar to YouTube but you provide some form of educational videos, which per view you are paid. This is perfect for workouts, cooking and anything fitness or health related, click here

Workout Programs


I would recommend purchasing a proven workout program to use as a template to start your own off, click here for one.

Meal Plans

Again similar to the workout program, I would recommend checking out different types of nutrition protocols, examples below:

Intermittent fasting: click here
Don’t forget to Upsell! This can be that when a customer buys a meal plan, you upsell to a complete package with an added training program. Similar can be done with physical goods.

Become A Personal Trainer


In order to get insurance, learn the fundamentals of Personal Training and/or be able to work in a commercial gym, you need to be qualified. Check out Vast Fitness Academy, a new and upcoming Personal Training Course Provider- use “Alex500” to get $500 off their new comprehensive course, click here


Establish a step by step process of locking clients in, a quick 5 Step Process would include:
1. Find the clients ACTUAL problem, if they say lose weight say “What body parts don’t you like?” and find the out the exact spot.
2. Once you have found their actual problem, give them the solution to that problem, “Ok Jenny I see you don’t like your tuck shop lady arms, I’m going to teach you a workout routine to help get rid of them.”
3. Lock the clients in when they are at a high, eg at the end of the session smash them with a 2 minute row or bike challenge. With their endorphins high ask them “How do you feel?” and after they reply ask “When are you free for our next session?”
4. Upsell! After they are doing Personal Training with you either upsell them a meal plan, training program or if possible group session.

5.Ask the client to refer friends and family for you. If you don’t ask they won’t know. Say something like “Oh I have 2 free sessions now, so if you have any friends or family let me know”.

A quick guide to tough clients and their excuses.


“I can’t afford personal training”. Solution- Do you have a friend or family member train with you? If so cut the cost down by 30%, or alternatively ask if they are willing to do a group session.

“I don’t have time to train or can’t fit in with your schedule”. Solution- Offer online training, meal plans or a training plan. Make sure to grab their contact info (email or phone) to follow up.

No shows or constant cancellations. With the sign up of the client, make them sign a condition were money is taken even if they don’t show.

For A Personal Training Contract Template email me on finalformfitness@outlook.com



Don’t forget to further educate to stand out from the rest, some courses include:

C.H.E.K Institute- Store click here

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Course, to improve your sales, understanding of human emotion, click here

Bootcamp programs- Email me on finalformfitness@outlook.com and I can send some through to you FREE of charge.

Step 3- Laptop and other tools needed


One of the most needed pieces of equipment is a solid laptop and camera. You don’t need a high end one (Apple, Gaming) my recommendations are the ones below:

USA- To rent laptops or accessories click here

Cameras, memory cards, accessories:
For quality photos for instagram, Facebook page and your website, a DSLR camera comes in handy.

For Australian people, click here for cheap DSLR cameras.
AUS Accessories- Zapals- click here
AUS Accessories- Simply Wholesale, click here

Step 4– Logo and Brand Creation


A logo is the symbol of the business, however a start-up doesn’t have $100’s to spend on a logo. So there’s some alternative website such as:
99 Designs, even more expensive but way more package options, click here
Design your own Logo with “Logo Garden”. The website contains heaps of examples and you can drag and drop to create your own in minutes, not days, click here

Once you have a logo designed by either a fiverr or freelancer you must get it trademarked, an easy site to get a logo or name trademarked is legal123, click here and click “Business” and then “Trademark Registration”.

Step 5- Instagram and FB

If you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook Page you are severely limiting yourself. As roughly 80% of leads will be from this network. Make sure you have an account layout like mine below-


  1. Your Logo
  2. Explaining What Your Instagram is
  3. Your Purpose/Motto
  4. Your Location (For Pt Services)
  5. What Is Your Niche or Difference
  6. Your Contact Details
  7. Your Website/Link/Freebie

Your Facebook page should be simple and replicate of the information from your Instagram.



Marketing and Automation

For scheduling and automation, the program “Mass Planner” is by far the best thing out however it does take a while to get use to and understand. To get your 5 day free trial click here

Alternatively “Onwire”, click here or “eClincher” click here are acceptable alternatives.

However If you need marketing help email me on finalformfitness@outlook.com

Step 6- Website


A website is crucial as lead capture, purchases, brand authority and value can be established. Multiple pages are needed which include:

  1. A Lead page
  2. Email Optin
  3. Shop
  4. Contact page
  5. Content eg before and afters/blog/articles

Steps for website development are the following:

1. Website Host and Free Domain- I recommend Ehost, I have had roughly 6 websites hosted with these guys, best speeds and prices. Oh and when you host for 2 years you get a Free Domain. Click here to get set up.
If you don’t like Ehost another cheaper option is Blue host, click here
Or If you are a significant company another company “WP engine” maybe something better- click here

2. Website design/development- If you are selling a service, then “do it yourself websites” such as Wix maybe worth looking at, click here

If you are creating your own WordPress site and need a stylish theme for your website click here and go to the “themeforest” in the top left.

If you are selling products online then Shopify would be your best bet, click here

3. Content creation- If you need help with content creation, Semrush helps identify what your competition is writing, improve your articles (search words, key words, etc) Find it here

4. Landing pages- if you struggle to code then check out Instapages (one of the best landing pages I’ve seen). For your free 30 day trial click here

If you dont like Instapages check out Landing page Monkey click here

However if you need a website developed for cheap or need help email me at finalformfitness@outlook.com

Step 7- Email software


I use Mailchimp which is free for the first 500 emails you capture. I recommend upgrading to the automation feature for only $10 a month as you can design a drip feed of emails that once a person has signed up they are sent your emails overtime with no hassle to yourself. Get yours here

Step 8- OSP Program


This is a software that enables you to create landing pages, capture leads, track conversions, can be used as a sales funnel and basically can help you make money on the side if you choose to be an affiliate. Get yours here

Step 9- Click Funnels

Click funnels is another advanced program that helps design and use A/B split testing to ensure a successful sales funnel.

Here’s a picture that illustrates a Sales Funnel in a simply way:


So to break this down: the red area in this picture will be on Instagram/Facebook which is where we grab our costumers attention, then a part of the traffic will then go through to our lead pages (yellow section) which will enter their email address then your emails will be automatically sent (Mailchimp) to our Prospects (Blue) then eventually leading to increased sales. Click funnels is excellent for the lead (yellow) to Prospect (blue) aspect, to get your Click Funnel 14 day free trial click here

Step 10- Optional- Free Ebook


Create a Free PDF or Ebook with some tips on your particular niche. This is so more people enter their email and you gain more leads. You could use the website “Fiverr” or “Freelancer” to get someone to design your Ebook cover.
For Fiverr click here

For Freelancer click here

Step 11- Optional- Drop shipping


If you have a product that you have shipping to clients, drop shipping is a MUST. Drop shipping is service that ships your product from their warehouse directly to your customer (after they order online). This is a great and hassle free service that 99% products online use. For Drop shipping services click here

Step 12- Payments

A similar payment service to Paypal but better is Payza. Why? Because this service allows you to transfer funds onto a prepaid mastercards or ewallet cards, meaning you can withdraw funds directly from an ATM unlike Paypal. This can be very helpful for tax related reasons.


For your Payza account click here


You’re Done! I hope this 12 steps to success helped you kickstart your product/service.

Remember if you have any questions or need help email me on finalformfitness@outlook.com

Also for more info check out my Personal Instagram @alex_kuhle or my Personal Training business @finalform_fitness

Alex Kuhle

Tools and Websites

Physical goods- Alibaba, Zazzle

Workout Programs, click here

Intermittent fasting: click here

Educational videos- Udemy click here

PT Distinction- click here

C.H.E.K Institute- click here

NLP Course, click here

Laptops: AUS, click here or USA, click here

Cheap DSLR cameras, click here

Logo Designs- 99 Designs, click here, Logo Garden, click here

Trademark registration, legal123, click here

Marketing and Automation: Mass Planner, click here, Onwire. click here, eClincher click here

Website Host and Free Domain- Ehost click hereBlue host, click here, WP engine, click here

Website Design: Wix, click here, Themeforest, click here, Shopify, click here

Website SEO: Semrush, click here

Landing pages, click here

Email Automation: Mailchimp, click here

OSP click here

Click Funnels, click here

Ebook creation: For Fiverr click here, For Freelancer click here

Drop shipping services click here

Payza account click here

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